Touchable Dastagears Tale

TOUCHABLE India’s Burden with Leprosy Every year around 230.000 people are still diagnosed with leprosy worldwide and about 135.000 only in India. Around 4 Million People are su ering from the remote damages caused by the bacterial disease like irreversible physical damages and the stigmatization through society. Specialists recognize a uprising number of new patients especially young people nowadays, while they suspect the government of India to fake the numbers and they guess that there are three to four times more patients in India. Dastagear is 21 years old and su ering from Leprosy. His life changed dramatically since the disease caused serious damages to his hands. Only his mother knows about the disease, he is too afraid of getting rejected by his family, friends and ancé. So he tells them a di erent story why he got this operation at his hand and had to stay for three month in the hospital. Stigmatization and superstition is still very common in India. People get rejected by their families, they don’t get a job and cant marry anymore. Often they are forced to move in to a colony or to bag on the streets. e WHO called Leprosy in India with 1 new infected Patient on 10.000 population so called “eliminated” in 2005. Since then NGOs and Medicals claim that founding of projects, research, awareness and trainings about the disease dropped down. In India the government even forbid them to organize campaigns in the cities and search for infected people. Leprosy is curable since 1981, nevertheless cases of new infections doesn’t go below 200.000, there is a degree of stagnation in leprosy control since the last 10 years. Leprosy is an Illness of poor people and the interest of the pharmacy industry, the media and the western world is limited. Sivananda Colony and City of Hyderabad, India in April – May 2015