Ferhat Bouda :: Mongolia

DZUD: Mongolia is known as the country of the nomads whose only financial stock is their animals. The so called Dzud, a blizzard with temperatures up to -50°C  lasting for several weeks, caused a loss of an estimated 7.8 million livestock of the normads' herds in the winter of 2009-10. The affected nomad families are already deep in debts in many cases and receive no more bank loans. They are constrained to abandon their present lives to live in big cities under miserable conditions.

GULLY CHILDREN: Ulanbaatar, - 30°C, Joohnoo 18 years, Khanburged 16 years, Boogie 14 years old have found like many other children a warm shelter place in the extensive canalisation net underneath the capital. They live here in direct vicinity of the former Mongolian president.

GARBAGE PEOPLE: Poverty, Dzud or also the wish for more modern life leads more and more nomad families to the capital Ulanbataar. However, without adequate qualification only few of them will find well paid work. One finds again many of them ending up on the outskirts in impoverished Jurt neighbourhoods, where they earn some money selling plastic, paper, bones, metal gathered all day long on the big waste dump of Ulanbaatar.