Jonas Wresch :: Immobilis

Life on a campground, Gifhorn, Germany 2011-12

Two years ago, Liselotte and Bernd Bielke broke up their apartment in Berlin because they could no longer afford the high rent in the city. They moved to a camper on the "Erlengrund" campsite in Lower Saxony's town of Gifhorn, where they used to meet their friends for weekends away. They expanded their camper, and now it is surrounded by several garden huts and a small conservatory. The Bielkes are just one of the families living year-round at "Erlengrund". Many residents have a hard past behind them or have recently fallen upon difficult times. The campground often starts out as a temporary solution, but becomes a long-term situation as the weeks and months go by. Proximity to nature, cheap leases and a like-minded neighbors help residents forget their crowded and provisional homes.