We are friends united through the passion for photography with a deep humanistic core: picture editor Peggy Wellerdt, photographers Ferhat Bouda, Alina Emrich, Jonas Wresch, Kiên Hoàng Lê and Fabian Fiechter.

We are dedicated to longform storytelling in still and moving images.

All of us are based in two different countries and regions. Ferhat was born in Algeria and now works in Frankfurt am Main and northern Africa. Jonas was born in Mannheim and now travels between Germany and Colombia. Kiên was born in Vietnam and works in Berlin and Hanoi. Alina has lost her heart to India and works on projects in Germany and India. Fabian grew up at the German border to Switzerland, is an intensive caretaker and focusses on medical matters.

Peggy is our picture editor and good soul. She has always a good advice to offers. She is based in Berlin but her heart is beating for Australia.



Alina Emrich: Winning Life Framers - Human Body

Ferhat Bouda: Winner of the Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award 2016

Fabian Fiechter: 3. Prize College Photographer of the Year, Portrait

Fabian Fiechter: Eddie Adams Workshop XXIX

Jonas Wresch: Junge Fotografie "STERN Stipendium"

Jonas Wresch: 1. Prize - Fotofestival Hannover, Freelens Award


VG-Bild Scholarship for our current Cartel Group-Projekt 

Fabian Fiechter: Nominated for the "PR-Picture award" best Portrait in Hamburg


Alina Emrich: Scholarship for Workshop with Michael Ackermann

Jonas Wresch: Eddie Adams Workshop Award Winner, Grant from National Geographic

Kiên Hoàng Lê: Henri Nannen Award, shortlist


Jonas Wresch: 1. Prize – 7th International Press Photo Festival/Vilnius – Lithuania

Kiên Hoàng Lê: Fremde Heimat, shortlist


Jonas Wresch: 1. Prize – Deutscher Jugendfotopreis, Category „On the way“


Jonas Wresch: 2. Prize – BDA Competition „Architektur am roten Faden“

Kiên Hoàng Lê: 3. Prize – BDA Competition „Architektur am roten Faden“

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