Kien is exhibiting his Project "Suna No Shiro" among others at f2 Fotofestival in Dortmund.

 The f² festival presents contemporary positions and tendencies in photography and will take place for the

 first time in Dortmund from June 22 until July 16, 2017 

 Opening: Fr., 23. June 2017 8 p.m. 

Location: Künstlerhaus Dortmund 

What great news! Ferhat Bouda's project will be one of this year's featured exhibitions at Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan. Ferhat has been working for several years on his essay about North Africa's indigenous Berber population. Congratulation Ferhat, we are very proud of you.

Its Exhibition Time:

Alina Emrich is showing her Final BA Project "Single Women" among lot of other nice Projects at GAF Eisfabrik in Hannover.

Opening is at 28th June 2017 at 7 p.m.

In documentary and staged pictures, Alina Emrich examines the role of women in Vietnam. Through her work, she gives us an insight into the lives of Vietnamese "single women", both from the war generation and the young self-determined generation. Her photographs show the experiences and motivations of the women living alone.

Happy that the German Pavillion is looking into the immigration in an in-depth way. If you happen to be at the Architecture Biennale in Venice drop by. They are also showing Kiên's work on the vietnamese Dong Xuan Center in Berlin.

 Check out MAKING HEIMAT here:

Professor Rolf Nobel​ is going to leave the University in Hanover after 16 Years of teaching. He developed the school program in Hanover and created together with the "Lumix Fotofestival - Hannover" a centre for Photojournalism education in Germany. Tomorrow there will be the opening of his "farewell exhibition". We are really happy and thankful that Jonas Wresch and Fabian Fiechter will be part of the exhibition.

Thank you Rolf! Come all and visit it!

Vernissage is tomorrow 18.5.2016 19:00 at GAF in Hanover.

© Rolf Nobel

© Jonas Wresch

© Fabian Fiechter

We are trilled to announce that Jonas will participate during the first World Press Photo Masterclass for Latin America in Mexico City!

As satellites of the Joop Swart Masterclass held each year in Amsterdam, this first regional class aims to develop a more diverse range of global talent, WPP says. Participants in the Masterclass Latin America were chosen through a system of nomination, followed by the review of submissions by an independent selection committee.

The participating 12 photographers—all from and/or based in Latin America— will receive instruction under the guidance of six masters. These experts will discuss technical and visual aspects of the participants’ work, as well as their overall purpose as photographers.

For more information please check:

We had our annual meeting in Perpignan this year. We are still alive. Lot's of debates on how we work within our collective. It's just like every other family, except that we choose to be in :-). We navigated all storms so far and now we really happy to welcome our friend FABIAN FIECHTER into our crew.

Luckily Fabian likes us as well and has joined us. Here is a little preview of is works. Soon there will be an update of all our works on the site. Stay tuned, but now enjoy a little journey through Fabians eyes.

We are on the way to Perpignan besides wine, baguette and sun. We are there to meet you !

Check out our freshly printed Cartel-Collective Newspaper and of course the great festival VISA POUR L'IMAGE.

Meet us at LA POSTE or get in contact through mail  :

On assignment for the New York Times, Ferhat has met the Algerian intellectual and journalist Kamel Daoud in the city of Oran. The latter confides about Algeria and “the Radiant City”. Between the man and the town, an astonishing proximity is forged. His work has also been published in the july edition of L'OBS.

THANKS TO EVERYBODY who came to our Vernissage and Summerparty. It was a pleasure for us to share our most personal projects with very special people !!! Thumbs up for Enno who exhibited with our Cartel Crew. See you next year and keep enjoying the rest of Germany's summer as good as you can! You know, you never know ! Cartel Collective will be working in Frankfurt from now on, so if you are around, let us know!

Familie Cartel from Cartel Collective on Vimeo.

Kiên has launched his Book Suna in Neukölln's Art und Weise Bar. Here are some impressions from the Suna Booklaunch in Art und Weise Bar. Now there are only 3 books left from the normal edition and 9 from the limited edition.

You can order a book here.

Yippie! We are finally all back in one country! At least for a while. And yes, we already made it to meet at least for a day. Stefan Kiefer was kind enough to provide us with a perfect room in his HONGKONG STUDIO in Hamburg's Hafencity. We spend a great, long day talking and brainstorming about our new group project and of course experiences we gathered during the last month in Columbia, Algeria, Denmark, Germany and Viêtnam. More details about the upcoming work will follow soon! Cheers, Cartel Collective!

Yay, Suna no Shiro has been published in Leica Foto International. Check out Kiên's Tokyo works in Suna no Shiro here:

If you fancy coming to Hanoi and work on your photography, Kiên is more than happy to welcome you. He is teaching a two days workshop 30th and 31st May in Hanoi.

Kiên is back in Vietnam and continuering his project Que Huong (home). Recording the changes in him, the city of Hanoi and parts of the countryside.

Have glimpse on his project here:

Kiên and Alina were allowed to follow Hans Zippert to a back therapy training in Southern Germany. It was so much fun and we are glad to see the pictures in the current issue "Der starke Rücken" out now! Thanks to Bärbel Edse for your trust and cooperation and of course to the trainer and class from Oberursel.